Throughout the transitions of the four seasons in Japan, the Japanese customarily enjoy drinking tea every day.

There are various kinds of green tea–each with its unique color variations: the hues are both subtle and complex, such as golden yellow, light green, dark green and even dark brown.

Hiwa is a beautiful green-yellow color of tea water–which is also the color of the bird known as the Gold Finch, or Hiwa in Japanese. This is why we named our specialty tea selections as “Hiwa Tea.”

In each season, people enjoy a variety of teas for their distinguished taste and flavor, using artful tools for tea brewing, along with sweets that accompany tea time.

In our busy daily life, making tea for relaxation offers us a moment to calm our mind and spirit. Having this time to enjoy delicious teas may lead you to a feeling of the Zen term: nichinichi kore koujitsu: Every day is a Good Day.

Let us begin a life style of enjoying the rich world and philosophy of authentic Japanese Teas.