Green Teas




Hiwa tea presents the green teas created in collaboration with Kitagawa-en, a long-established tea store in Oita Prefecture, in Kyushu, Southwest region in Japan. The fragrant teas cultivated in the rich soil of Kyushu are blended exclusively by the tea master, Mr. Kitagawa. The sophisticated processing technology, and sensitive blending of the teas from lush deep green tea field is drawn into these teas. You will find the unique charms of our teas as you continue to enjoy drinking them. 

Hiwa also offers a series of luxury green tea and matcha from a long-established tea store, Marukyu Koyama-en, in Kyoto. They have been producing one of the best quality teas in Japan, based on their traditions over 300 years. You will find distinguished taste of authentic Japanese teas and their rich but delicate flavors.

We hope you enjoy the depth of the world of authentic Japanese tea from Hiwa’s special selections.

玉露 Gyokuro

深蒸し茶 Fukamushicha

茎茶 Kukicha

玉緑茶 Tamaryokucha

煎茶 Sencha

ほうじ茶 Hojicha

玄米茶 Genmaicha

抹茶 Matcha