Matcha Candy


Matcha Candy: made by Kyo no Ame Daigo with matcha from Marukyu Koyama-en in Kyoto.

70g contains sugar, starch, and matcha.

抹茶飴2種:飴匠、京の飴 醍醐が、昔ながらの手作り製法で、丸久小山園の抹茶を材料に製造しています。

70g 入り 原材料:砂糖、水飴、抹茶

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Matcha Candy: made with traditional methods by candy craftsmen. The”Kyo no Ame, Daigo” is an well known quality candy maker in Kyoto. 

Osu Matcha Kneaded Candy: you will find a plenty of Matcha in the core. Matcha is also kneaded into the whole candy.

Matcha Crystal Tea Candy: Matcha is captured in a beautiful candy ball. It is a work of art. This candy received a prize from the Honorary President at the Japanese National Sweets Great Exhibition.





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Cristal, Ousu


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